8 Reasons Why Insurance is an Important Part of a Financial Plan

In helping you save money and keeping you on the road, actually insurance can go a long way. Traffic jams, accidents, hail storms, drunk driver, teenagers… Any number of hazards on the road could turn your pristine saloon car into crumpled foil within seconds. Now, many of us are lucky enough to avoid incidents on the road for most of our lives, but a car does not need to be written off for it to be eligible for an auto insurance pay out.

Actually insurance can even protect you from even the most mundane of mishaps; such as mechanical failures or being hit by a shopping trolley. Cars are costly, with their regular need for service and inexplicable tendency to use up only one tire at a time. To save yourself from having to hand over your holiday money for a new compressor or chipped windshield you can take out auto insurance at a minimal monthly cost.

Even if you are generally careful and take good care of your car, you should really look into getting a car insurance for a whole bunch of reasons. Here’s 8 good reasons to begin with: